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Mental Wellness Month

Mental Wellness Month is observed in January. One in five adults experience mental health issues every year. Millions of lives are impacted by poor mental health. Mental Wellness Month is intended to bring awareness to the importance of good mental health. Blue Monday takes place in January because it is based on a number of days from […]

In Remembrance of Marshall County High School, KY

The Marshall County Resiliency Center provides free resources, long-term support, and healing to the Marshall County community and anyone impacted by the tragedy at Marshall County High School on January 23, 2018. It is also a place for victims of crime to receive support and free and confidential resources, and for community members to connect […]

Event Series Show Up 2 Rank Up Teens

Show Up 2 Rank Up Middle Schoolers

Middle Schoolers will first be introduced to concepts involving breathwork and mind management. As they progress into the next level, focus will then shift over to learning about stance work and breathing while in motion. Once participants are comfortable enough to begin learning combat basics, classes can transition into self defense basics which include moving and […]

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