In Remembrance of Marshall County High School, KY

Marshall County Resiliency Center (MCRC) serves as a free and confidential resource that offers support and care to victims of crime residing in Kentucky’s Purchase Region.  The Center was developed to serve as a comprehensive place of healing to the community at large after the events of January 23, 2018 at Marshall County High School.

Fox News 3 Year Anniversary

3-year STEM School shooting anniversary marked with ‘Kendrick’s Ale’ May 7, 2022 / 07:10 PM MDT People marked the three-year anniversary of the shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch, including a brewery with a special beer called “Kendrick’s Ale.”  

I Feel Lonelier During The Holidays

By Kat McIntosh, Manager of Global Peer Support at Mental Health America Many people experience challenges associated with loneliness and isolation during the holiday season. The COVID-19 pandemic increases the risk of loneliness and depression at this time. Over 10% of people report feeling extremely lonely closer to the winter holidays. Communities most affected by loneliness include young people, black older adults, LGBTQ persons,...

Power of Positive Thinking

Sometimes life seems to conspire against us, and it can feel like everything is falling apart. The source of our stress may be something we can do nothing about, such as when a loved one passes away, or it could be something we can exert some control over. Either way, no matter how desperate our...

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