Movement Activity

Community Hiking Club

For Teens & Up 

Getting out in nature can allow individuals to clear their minds, reduce mental fatigue, and help us think more creatively. 

Join the Center's therapist, Devon Edwards LPC, MA on a fun and easy walk to just get outside and connect with yourself and others. 

Monday, May 22nd




movement Insights



Devon Edwards, LPCC, MA has additional information on how hiking can impact trauma.  The following information explains the power of somatic movement in reprocessing and moving through trauma can be immensely impactful. 


  • The Body Keeps the Score
  • Eastern modalities text on the intrinsic nature of mindbody
  • Your Body is Your Brain
  • Move
  • The Awakened Ape
  • Own the Day Own Your Life
  • The Herbalist Way 

Books Explained

These books and text work towards describing the powerful effects of movement on mindbody connection. Some speak on the effects of sunlight, vitamin D as well as natures healing abilities. In the text, movement has been accounted for in boosting blood supply to the brain by over 200%!

In turn, during movement based outdoor exercise we secrete catecholamines (uplifting mood boosting neurochemicals.)

In addition, numerous scientific articles have found the impressive results of exercise and sunlight when taken with a placebo vs various antidepressants matched with no exercise. These studies have found the experimental group to pan out much happier in comparison to those who only took antidepressants. Research in this area can be powerful for all age groups.