Walk Your Path 

Elementary or High School Parking Lots


New Athletic Entrance

Friday, May 6th


Walk Your Path 

STEM School Highlands Ranch 

10am to 2pm

30 minute sessions


Walking your path entails entering the building with a support person or a therapist, going to where you were on May 7th, and then leaving the building. This can allow for desensitization and the possibility of creating positive memories where your trauma occurred.


Walking your path supports you in separating your trauma from the school, giving you a safe space to let go of possible resentment held toward the building.  This may allow you to take your power back from the traumatic event.  


If you would like to walk your path from May 7th, 2019, we will have a sign up that is MANDATORY


Please sign up by May 4th at 10 AM. If you would like to bring a support person or your therapist with you, that is allowed. 


Center for Strength's Therapists Alexa Chaffin, Devon Edwards LPCC, MA and Jenny Robbins, MA, LPC, CBC will be available on this day. 


Go Team Dogs will be available if you need to just be with a furry friend. 


Private spaces available if needed.


Columbine survivors available if needed. 

Grounding Techniques

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