open house

Friday, May 5th

Open House

At Center for Strength

4:00pm to 6:00pm  

Talk with Frank DeAngelis,
Former Columbine High School Principal


Go Team Dogs


Art Activities


Come and paint Stars of Hope 

Stars of HOPE is an art-based crisis intervention nonprofit that supports survivors of mass violence, disaster, and conflict through an innovative model of community-centered healing.

They are pioneering a new paradigm at the intersection of disaster relief, mental health, and therapeutic art by delivering into impacted communities painted stars with messages of hope. These Stars serve as beacons for light in dark places when there is no other form of communication left – they give voice to those who have been silenced; they offer comfort where there has been suffering; they provide strength where there was weakness.

The Stars we paint together tell stories through colors, words, symbols - about what it means to create hope.

They have mobilized volunteers from all over the world, and have built more than 180,000 colorful handcrafted stars that are sent across America and around the world as symbols of hope and comfort during times when it's needed most.