Resilient Chat with Frank DeAngelis
Wednesday, May 4th
4pm to 5pm 
Online & In person at the Center
This is for Current and Former May 7th Staff

The heartbeat of the Center for Strength is to promote recovery and resilience. 


One way we foster resiliency is by hosting authentic, vulnerable, and brave conversations with those who are willing to share their experience, resilience, and hope as they walk out their journey to healing and recovery. 


As we approach May 7th, we are hosting Resilient Chats with Frank DeAngelis (former Columbine prinicipal and survivor) to provide an open forum to connect, and share. 




Frank DeAngelis was a staff member at Columbine High School in the Jeffco School District in Littleton Colorado, from 1979 – 2014. He has also been called upon to speak about recovery after a school tragedy at a variety of conferences, and has assisted as a consultant after a number of other violent school events.  He retired in June of 2014 after 35 years at Columbine High School.  He is presently serving as a consultant for safety and emergency management for the Jeffco School District in Colorado.