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Mental Wellness Month

Mental Wellness Month is observed in January. One in five adults experience mental health issues every year. Millions of lives are impacted by poor mental health. Mental Wellness Month is intended to bring awareness to the importance of good mental health. Blue Monday takes place in January because it is based on a number of days from […]

Event Series Morning Yoga Flow

Morning Yoga Flow

Join Alaina Patton for this 60 minute morning session to start your day with gentle yoga.  Alaina is passionate about helping our community find beauty and comfort through trauma informed yoga. The first hour will be yoga practice and for the last 15 minutes Alaina will guide you through journaling or meditation whichever you're comfortable […]

POSTPONED TODAY- Green Leaf Society

Center for Strength 640 Plaza Dr. Suite 130, Highlands Ranch

Trauma recovery parallels the life of a plant – how plants grow, the patience and care that goes into helping it thrive – it all can be reflected back in the recovery process for individuals.  Gardening is a form of self-care that can be adjusted to best benefit the participant. For those who are survivors […]

POSTPONED Word of the Year for Adults

Center for Strength 640 Plaza Dr. Suite 130, Highlands Ranch

Tired of making resolutions that box you in? Life is about making progress as you go along. We will be reflect on 2022 and look ahead to 2023 to choose a Word of the Year, which is an intention for how you would like to grow. We will then create art for our word. All […]

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